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Steel Railing Design For Home 

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Steel railing Design photos

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Modern Steel Railing Design

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Steel Railing New design

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Steel railing design for House front with glass

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Steel railing Design Catalogue

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Steel Railing design, Balcony

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steel railing designs

Are you looking for iron or steel railing options for your new home? We bring you the lowdown on these popular material choices for your staircase or balcony railings, and tell you the pros and cons so that you can make the right decision!

Stainless Steel Gate
Door Grille

carry out specialist structural glass, stainless steel,  and installation.

Custom made balustrades, doors, staircases and swimming pool sides offer an exciting solution to enhance interior and exterior finishes. Our ability to design and create virtually anything with these luxurious and sought after materials mean that we can offer clients a wide variety of unique features to personalize your home.

With a combination of experience, innovation, pride and confidence, we have completed numerous outstanding projects around Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur.


We are very experience glazier in glass installation in the market. Over the years of experience in the glass construction, we’re keen and emphasize on finest workmanship, therefore we get the trust of customers.

Awesome stainless steel balcony railing designs pictures

Stainless steel balcony railing designs can inspire you especially when you are in mid of constructing your house. We have tried to put up awesome stainless steel balcony designs and pictures for your reference. There are many many ways the steel railings can be assembled and fixed to your balcony. You can have a mix of glass in between or steel wire or steel bar itself to give a elegant look to your balcony.

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Top CCTV System Installation in Kathmandu Area including Bhaktapur & Lalitpur Area



CCTV technology has evolved greatly throughout the years. The new generation of CCTV offers useful features such as voice recognition system, remote viewing access. We will help you to decide where and how to place the cameras suitable to your needs.

CCTV planning is necessary in order to develop detailed equipment and cabling layout plans, blueprints, and wiring diagrams for internal and external security and access control systems, video surveillance and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. 

  • Developing and installing CCTV systems is a time-consuming process. 
  • It also requires certain knowledge and skills.
  • Difficulty of setting video cameras rationally.
  • CCTV Angle of View

We help solve our client issue by carefully estimating the CCTV lens focal length and the most suitable location of video cameras to get the necessary image on the screen. 

  • Choosing the most suitable lenses and positions for camera installation to provide the required parameters of view areas.
  • Calculate the horizontal projection sizes of viewing, human detection, identifying and license plate reading areas to draw them on the object plan.
  • Measure the view area distortions, arising from natural obstacles.

CCTV Mobile View



Using Technology cameras which empowers greater security systems

wifi signal


Following up with your Internet Service Provider to connect camera system into your phone

scan qr2

QR Scan

Scanning your QR to your phone to connect camera system into your phone



With App, you can view your camera in anywhere and anytime using your phones or devices

To connect to a CCTV camera from your smartphone, connect the CCTV to a power source and download the DMSS app in your smartphone/tablet. Next, scan QR or manually enter the device’s Serial Number using the DMSS app to identify the device. 

Then, follow on-screen instructions to connect the device. You’ll also need to connect to your Wi-Fi. And you’re set! For more information, you can refer to User Manual.

Types of CCTV

360 cctv camera phone1

360° Fisheye Camera

  • Ultra-wide angle lens that create dynamic viewing angle including panoramic 180 Degree and 360 Degrees.
  • Fisheye capable of saving cost without having to install additional cameras for potential blind spots providing greater awareness.
cctv camera phone2

Dome CCTV Camera

  • Build for indoor and outdoor security surveillance which are most commonly used.
  • This CCTV camera is convenient to install and have IR night vision.
cctv camera phone

Sound Audio Camera

  • Enhanced CCTV system that has integrated with live sound recording and live visual images.
  • The audio CCTV camera is built to be flexible and to be placed anywhere without additional cables or connector.

Features & Support

A good camera installed by us is crucial to capture important and sharp images promptly.


Analyze your recorded video and process the data into useful information.


Stay connected wherever you are with your mobile devices.


We provide scheduled maintenance to keep your equipment working at its best.


Our team are certified in providing planning, installation and maintenance for CCTV Surveillance Camera.

CCTV Installation Project

cctv camera malaysia
cctv camera malaysia 2
360 cctv camera malaysia
CCTV Camera Malaysia Installation

Our technician deliver CCTV camera planning , wiring, cable management, termination, mounting, angle adjustment and nvr recorder setup.

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Electrical Services in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur


Commercial Electrical Services

Your day-to-day business operations and, more importantly, your business costs ride on a reliable, efficient electrical system – indoors and out.

  • Outlets, lights, breakers – installation, replacement, upgrades
  • Meter panel – replacement, repair, relocation
  • Electrical code and safety inspections
  • Automated energy management
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Landscape lighting
  • Touch panel relays
  • Building rewiring
  • Parking lot lights
  • Surge protection
  • GFCI Circuits
  • Sign service

Emergency Service

electrical services 2

If you experience a power outage, call us for temporary installations so you can keep your business up and running.

Our electricians work hand-in-hand with you and your general contractor to solve your electrical problems. We install, repair, and upgrade anything that has to do with electrical wiring and appliances.

Our goals are:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Better conductivity and safety
  • Call us for quality, efficiency, and safety-focused electrical maintenance, repair, or rewiring of your commercial building at 9823704016.

Glass Railing for balcony in Kathmandu


Glacier glass panel balcony railing achieves a high-end upscale look. As a result, it is ideal for custom homes and luxury interior spaces.

Designing a unique stair railing system with a custom layout is an appealing project to undertake. However, sometimes, it isn’t easy to know where to start. When so many railing options are available, there are a lot of decisions to make.

A staircase design can make or break the success of a construction project. If you get it right, you will have a beautiful railing system that elevates the entire property. Alternatively, if you slightly miss the mark, it’s a problem that’s tough to resolve. Therefore immersing yourself in staircase style and exploring railing ideas is a great way to discover the limitless possibilities.

Hamrobardali Showcase | Interior Glass Railing

The featured project is a waterfront residential home located in kathmandu . It’s a stunning property with an elegant Glacier glass / panel railing system. A modern railing is especially appropriate for a stairway and balcony railing design that overlooks a water view. To see beautiful glass panel railing images, read on. We’re going to take you on a whistles top tour of the property and highlight our favorite glass railing system pictures for you!

  • Modern Balcony Glass Railing The interior glass balcony overlooks a stunning double-height room that leads to a waterfront patio. The transparent railing system coupled with the large windows means that the glorious view remains beautifully unobstructed. Glacier glass railing infill is the ultimate in elegance, and tempered glass railing suits almost any architectural style. Adding to the aesthetic, the neutral tones of the stainless steel railing posts complete the upscale look. Together, the stainless steel and glass balcony give the residence a thoroughly desirable modern appeal.
  • Timeless Mezzanine Glass Railing Often featured in custom-built homes, a mezzanine is a type of balcony designed for the interior of a building. Mezzanines are popular in luxury settings and commercial buildings because they allow a clear, unobstructed view. While researching modern balcony railing ideas or top interior design trends, you might notice one timeless classic design style. Incorporating contrast into your design theme is a safe idea that never goes out of style. If you’re committed to a modern white interior, consider installing a glass railing system with an elegant black handrail. Doing so will create a bold design statement.
  • Contemporary Glass Staircase Style If you want your project to stand out, it’s a good idea to focus on architectural design details. For example, this home has beautiful windows, doors, and an elegant glass staircase. The architect chose materials and products that create a strong design theme. Consequently, the high-end, top-quality furnishings create a stylish, cohesive look.glass staircase railing system 880x495 093021Glacier is a modern architectural glass railing that looks great in commercial and residential settings. Hamrobardali interior stair glass railing is custom-built and designed to fit any stair layout. Therefore, it’s a great glass railing system for interior stairs that are especially wide. Or in contrast, where the space and design may be limited, such as dog-leg and switchback stair layouts.
    For ideas about getting started or building a stair railing, please visit:
  • Glass Railing Handrails and Accessories The difference is in the details. Therefore, it helps to consider how the combination of railing options impacts the railings’ overall appearance. Once you have chosen an infill, next, select the handrail. In this instance, the home features a timeless modern stainless steel handrail which complements the design aesthetic. Many people choose to match the rail to the wood flooring, creating a coordinated design theme. Whether round or flat, a modern stainless steel handrail creates a classic look. It’s essential to consider the quality of the materials and how they might look and feel as you use the handrail while traversing the stairs. It’s always advisable to ask for a sample from your railing manufacturer. Comparing and contrasting the quality of railing materials is a good idea because pictures can be deceptive. For example, aluminum has a cheap feel compared to stainless steel.

Luxury Railing Finishes

For an upscale appearance, consider the railing system’s finish. Black powder coat railings are both modern and traditional, which makes them a classic design choice. Whereas a mirror finish is uncommon, smart shiny mirrored railing posts can achieve an opulent aesthetic perfect for a lavish environment. To see examples of mirror and powder coat railing systems, please visit the following blogs.

Railing System Mount Methods

Although often overlooked, the railing mount method also contributes to the overall look. Top mount railing posts allude to tradition, whereas side mounts are much more modern. To see pictures of the different railing mount methods, please visit the following pages.

Modern Railing Infill Alternatives

Railing on staircases vary from contemporary cool to traditional chic, so take some time to explore all the options. After all, you want to be confident in your choices and get a look that’s perfect for you!

Exterior Glass Railing Systems

Glacier is also suitable as an exterior glass railing system. When a home has a stunning view, a glass deck railing is a perfect option.

outdoor glass railing system. This lass deck railing system looks great in this beautiful setting.

Exterior glass railing for decks allows excellent views of the surrounding landscape.

Best Glass Railings for Balcony in Bhaktapur


Hamrobardali installs the best Bhaktapur views through glass railings!

This product has clean, elegant lines combined with an unobstructed view making them the right choice for your home or business. In Bhaktapur, we are blessed with fantastic marine, pool, golf course, and other natural views. There is no need to block the view from your decks or windows with the typical picket railings.

Glass Hand Railings
Lemon Bay Glass_Glass & Stainless railing interior

Our line of railing systems for decks, docks, and balconies offer a variety of looks that will expand your view. These exterior systems are an excellent choice for homes, apartments, condominiums, restaurants, and offices. Our glass railings are engineered and built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions that Bhaktapur can offer. Then for the interior, we excel at railings that open and expand for unobstructed views. We broaden your living space with glass! 

Glass Railing Contractor For Balcony in Kathmandu


Glass Railings Services

Whether you want tо install or replace glass railing in your home or business and need a professional and reliable glass railing service, Elite Windows & Doors provide you with the highest quality glass railings to withstand high winds and pressure at low cost.

If you are renovating and looking for a glass railings service or building a new home, we invite you to browse through our website, check out our glass railings past projects, get inspired, and don’t hesitate to ask for our help in choosing the right glass railings system for you. 

Glass railings can be used in indoor and outdoor installations. Our glass railing systems are cost-effective and in full compliance with Nepal construction safety laws. Most commonly, a glass railing is excellent for interior uses, such as glass railings and glass staircases where the entire glass perimeter is presented for a more modernized look.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured glass railing contractor. We have been in business for over over 10 years and understand the requirements of single-family homes, townhouses, commercial establishments, and more. Our glass railing systems are tested and certified.

Glass Railings Installation

If you are looking for a quality railing manufacturer that can make installing your own glass railing system a snap, Hamrobardali has the glass railing options you are looking for. We have the largest selection of glass railing for sale in Kathmandu. We take pride in producing both modular and custom-made glass railings, meeting the established structural requirements. We also offer the safest and quickest installation and replacement service in the greater Miami metropolitan area and throughout the Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur and Lalitpur.

Installation іѕ one of thе mоѕt crucial stages of any handrails and balustrades project. Not only do our railing systems add architectural interest, but they are also safe and strong. We work with homeowners, developers, architects, and commercial property owners to create a custom design that suits your space.

Types of Glass Railings

We offer both framed and frameless glass railings systems for residential or commercial installations. The most demanded railing types are:

• Glass railing for balcony
• Glass balustrade
• Glass Deck Railings
• Glass railing for staircase
• Glass railing for patios
• Post Glass Railing
• Shoe Base Glass Railing
• Stand-Off Glass Railing
• As for safety barriers and more.

Have inquiries about our custom glass railing installation and fabrication services? Do not hesitate to get in touch and request a free estimate today!

Makeup Artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur


Top Makeup Artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur- Hamrobardali
Undeniably, a bride is the busiest person in the whole family when it comes to wedding preparation. And we couldn’t agree more on that as she has to take care of a lot of stuff by herself like choosing a stunning outfit, jewelry, hairstyle, makeup, and the list go on.

A bride has to work really hard to become the center of attraction at the most special day of her life. Everything from her outfit to the bridal makeup should be top of the line if she wants to attain a scintillating appearance. Makeup plays an imperative role in sprucing the appearance of a bride. Makeup when done right not only render a fairytale appearance to the bride but also help her stand apart from the pack.

However, the story doesn’t end here. Like any other craft, doing makeup is also a painstaking art which requires expertise, experience, and knowledge of cosmetic products. As a bride is so entangled in her wedding planning, it barely left her with a modicum of time to take care of the makeup part by herself. Also, If a bride plans to do her own makeup, chances are that she will end up ruining it because of the lack of knowledge and makeup application skills.

For brides, a makeup artist is the BFF on her wedding day. They make the daunting task of doing makeup easy for the bride. Hiring a professional makeup artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpureases the burden off the bride’s shoulders manifold times as they know that with a professional makeup artist at their end, a flawless, sumptuous, and enchanting look is not far away.

Are you a bride-to-be? Are you searching for the Top makeup artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur to achieve a perfect bridal makeover on your special day? If yes, then, hop on to Hamrobardali right away and rope in the best makeup artist of Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpurcity effortlessly.

Perks of Hiring Bridal Makeup Artists for Your Wedding Makeover
Hiring an eminent makeup artist is one of the biggest decisions a bride has to make for her wedding events. As a wedding function is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, every bride covets to achieve a photography and social-media worthy appearance and that’s only possible when the Best Wedding Makeup Artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur take charge of the wedding makeup of brides.

Here are some of the benefits of bringing the top makeup artist on board for your wedding makeover.

  1. They are Quite Credible- A well-experienced and reputed makeup artist is well aware of all the latest trends and equipment of makeup. They know which products to use according to your skin type and age to render you a ravishing bridal makeup. They prefer to utilize techniques that provide the maximum results in a minimum amount of time without causing any damage to your skin. All these things add credibility points to professional makeup artists hired via beauty parlours in Ghaziabad.
  2. They Ensure Your Makeup Last for Long- Applying a flawless makeup is half of the job done for makeup artists. They also have to make sure that the makeup last as long as the wedding function going on. When you hire a professional makeup artist, you don’t have to worry a bit about the makeup part. Professional makeup artists use supreme quality products to render you long-lasting makeup at the most special day of your life.
  3. Ensure Proper Colors are Used- When it comes to applying bridal makeup, the right color selection is of paramount importance. Professional makeup artists have a thorough knowledge of varied makeup colors which are utilized to give brides a perfect bridal makeover. As your innumerable photographs will be clicked by the photographer, you definitely want to have a stellar mark that resonates with your skin. By selecting the right colors, makeup artists provide brides a natural and thumping bridal appearance.
  4. Keep You Stress-Free on Your Special Day- This one is perhaps the biggest benefits of hiring a bridal makeup artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur. A bride usually remains super busy on her wedding day and also has to take care of a lot of errands. Hustling hard for the wedding preparation could cause stress and may ruin the flattering makeup of the bride. When you rope in a professional makeup artist, you can be relaxed about your makeup part as he/she will ensure your makeup is done exactly how you want it to be.

Some Significant Pointers You Must Keep in Mind Before Booking a Makeup Artist

  1. Don’t Forget to Get A Mock Trial- Most of the brides don’t ask for a mock makeup trial from artists when booking them. Getting a mock trial will give you a fair idea of how competent the artist is, time taken to apply the makeup, and the process of applying the makeup. The bottom line here is to make sure to get a mock trial from the makeup artist or the best beauty parlors in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur for your own benefit.
  2. Inquire About Makeup Products- It is not a hidden fact anymore that cosmetic products do encompass various chemicals. However, those chemicals are used as per the experts prescription and industry standards. It doesn’t mean that every cosmetic product is suitable for every skin type. You should make sure from the artist that product he/she going to use won’t harm your skin. When booking the makeup artist, ask them to use only quality makeup products.

How to Find the Right Makeup Artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpurat Hamrobardali?
Our key motto it to take care of your wedding planning needs and that we do by providing prominent wedding vendors in your city who make your wedding function a remarkable affair.

You can pick up the bridal makeup artist from the beauty salon in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur of your choice by thoroughly reviewing the profile of every makeup artist at our portal. From price structure to their official address, bridal makeup packages cost, and other crucial details, you can check out everything at your own comfort. So, stop worrying about your flawless makeup and be the center of attraction of your wedding function by hiring top makeup artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur from Hamrobardali.

Best Bridal Makeup Artist Lalitpur


Door to Door Makeup artist service providers provides all types of makeup services at your place of Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur . for the brides and groom at their place. Before we proceed further Our Team must want to say that every ones can believe on our experts because they will go with the customer choices and in this present time each individual want to look gorgeous when it comes to any party or marriage time. And when we talk about the marriage ceremony then we try to know about the bride and groom’s choice that what they want on their special day. Bride and Groom want to look wonderful and amazing and we work for enhancing and improving their beauty. We offer best makeup artist in all sectors of Kathmandu
So every facility we provide because we know our customer’s feelings and we try to make her day more and more special to the bride and groom. We provide quality brands for our bride and groom because we know the importance of a wedding.

Best Bridal Makeup Artist Bhaktapur


Why Should We opt Best Bridal Makeup Service ?
When it comes to wedding season in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur the Best Bridal Makeup service & Artist are much in demand. Brides become very selective, doesn’t matter if it’s bridal lehenga, bridal jeweler or their bridal makeup and why not, after all, it’s their wedding. If you are a would-be bride and are searching for a destination where you could get all about makeup, for your bridal make Bhaktapur, you are absolutely at the right place. Absolute Hamrobardali

Choose the right makeup salon for the best bridal makeup in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur can be a hard task, where there are many artists or salons who are best in the field. So, to help you out in your search, here are some options for the best bridal makeup artist in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur along with salons that specialize in their industry.

Why choose the best bridal makeup Service Hamrobardali in Bhaktapur?
Wedding is a fabulous thing in everyone life and it very well may be somewhat overpowering to pick the correct Hamrobardali in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur. when you have such huge numbers of choices in the city. The makeup artists in Bhaktapur provide different types of makeup for your various events.

They are underneath you must know-
Airbrush Makeup.
Mineral Makeup.
Nail Art/Extension
Natural Makeup
Body Polishing
Face Treatment
Hair Treatment
Manicure & Pedicure
Shimmer Makeup
Thus, because of various types of makeup services given by Bhaktapur most of the people in Bhaktapur choose professional makeup Salons from there. Almost every type of makeup service is given by Hamrobardali.

Cosmetic Makeup Root:
If you are going to execute personally on your special day. But when you hire a professional wedding makeup salon, generally you know that they come up with effective and high-quality cosmetic products and also specialized tricks just to help the bridal’s makeup stay perfect during the wedding. Also, nowadays there are constantly staying up to date with the effective latest Best bridal makeup Service trends and also the products, therefore you will be effectively getting the best advice generally when it comes to your wedding makeup. More authentically.

A makeup artist is a very respected profession. Their work is to apply cosmetics and fulfill the visual desires of a person. Nowadays both men and women are doing great in this profession. It’s not at all an easy task, understanding and fulfilling some bodies’ wishes is like making their dream come true. Every entrepreneur must hold passion in whatever they are doing. It will motivate you to get through your bad days and will make good days more cheerful.

Professional Bridal Makeup
According to the best Bridal Makeup Service, it doesn’t matter whether your particular wedding is in summer or the winter season, cool and bright lip color is effectively sufficient to enhance the bright touch to your bridal look. Of course, let your lipstick be the special highlight of your Wedding Day. Remember when you simply opt for the colors as fiery as these, it is recommended that the bride should keep the rest of her makeup simple and efficient. It is advisable that not to overdo or overperform your eyes, and if you still do so then your entire wedding look will be effectively spoiled. Individually, just be more specific while choosing the shades, because that will surely flatter your complexion for excellent and effective results.