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Most plumbing services is not planned or not expected to happen and the repair works need to be carried out as soon as possible. We do not allow any plumbing emergency problems dampen your spirit. Delay in calling a professional plumber might increase the possibility of disaster in the home. Due to the wet environment or seepage in the area affected, it might cause the nearby furniture to be warping, destroyed or equipment to be spoiled and the after effect will cause mold to grow. Sometimes if the pipes are clogged and cause ponding in the ground or leaking from the ceiling, it will also affect your neighbours

For emergency cases, we provide expedient response as we understand the severity of the problem, urgency and the immediate needs of the emergency plumbing services. These include providing the most up to date service as we are well equipped and understand the various requirements of different plumbing system. Our service is 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency cases and we cover Lalitpur & Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur .

Types of emergency

  • pipe bursting / pipe broken or corrode
  • sink clogged
  • faucet broken or pipe could not be turned off
  • wet walls
  • massive water ponding from nowhere
  • water leaking from above or from the ceiling
  • floors are flooded from water supply or from sewer manhole or septic tank

Tips well facing emergency and require plumbing needs

  • Keep Calm and do not panic
  • Get your children or people away from the wet area
  • Call Super Plumber immediately  for your emergency plumbing needs
  • Do not try to maintain or repair by yourself
  • Shut off water supply or stop cork.
  • Switch off electrical supply
  • Remove documents or furniture that might be affected to the problem

If you suspect that a plumbing problem in your home is going to negatively impact your system, or even just prove to be a headache, remember that Hamrobardali is always here to help

Do not hesitate to call Hamrobardali and if you are facing any emergency situation and in need of an emergency plumbing services.


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